Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electrolysis?

Permanent hair removal.

Does Electrolysis work?

Yes. The FDA has approved of only Electrolysis for permanent removal of unwanted hair. When the hair is treated, regrowth is prevented rather than just removed temporarily. Only electrolysis provides both hair removal and hair elimination.

Will Electrolysis work for me?

Almost certainly. Electrolysis is effective for all skin types, hair types, skin colors, hair colors, and areas of the body. It works on men, women and transgender.

How long will it take?

The duration of a treatment is based on the size of the area to be treated. Adherence to the recommendations of the electrologist related to regularity will achieve permanence sooner than having sporadic appointments.

How long is each treatment session?

Treatment sessions can range from 15 minutes to multiple hours, depending on the area being treated. At your consultation a treatment plan that is designed for your unique situation will address your unique and specific needs.

How do I know that I am getting good treatments?

During your consultation you will learn all aspects of the treatment and the electrologist will recommend a treatment schedule that will help you accomplish your hair removal goals including an explanation of how you should take care of the treated skin. You will feel the warmth of the current when it is applied as it destroys the germinative cells inside of the follicle. A hair that has been effectively treated will easily slide out of the follicle

What is the science behind electrology?

A sterile probe is inserted directly into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair itself. A small current is applied destroying all areas which cause hair to grow and regenerate.There are three types, or modalities, of electrolysis used today - thermolysis (short-wave which produces heat), galvanic (current produces a chemical reaction), and a modality that blends the two. They all result in effective permanent hair removal.

What about laser? Isn’t Laser newer and better?

Laser is only FDA approved for REDUCTION! That means that it is known that the laser will leave some hair behind.

Did you know that laser does not remove GRAY, BLONDE or RED hair?

The Laser has limitations. Laser is often not an option for people with darker skin as well.

What if I have had Laser before and I still have hair, can I do electrolysis?

MANY, MANY people use electrolysis after laser treatments to achieve the desired results.

Should I expect any side effects on the skin?

Immediately following your treatment, it is normal to be reddened and slightly puffy, this is temporary and varies with each individual. Your electrologist will discuss appropriate aftercare during your consultation. The latest technology has made electrolysis more comfortable and effective than ever before. You can rest assured that you are getting the best care from a skilled hair removal specialist.

My grandmother used to get Electrolysis treatments. Has the technology changed much?

Electrolysis has come a long way since its beginnings in 1875. Today's computer technology enables the electrologist to work with more speed and comfort. Epilators are much quicker, utilizing current timings of thousandths of a second over the longer current applications of the past, also, intensity settings can now be modulated to varying proportions. The instruments and equipment used in a contemporary electrologist's office are part of the changes that have occurred in the electrolysis industry.